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Natural Premium Brands,
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At Natural Premium Brands we're proud of the quality of our meat and seafood products. So we're making it easy for our potential customers to get the opportunity to taste the difference for themselves. Natural Premium Brands co-owns a small chain of family oriented Uruguayan Steak houses throughout South Florida. If you're in the area, we urge you to drop by and try the famous "parrillada para dos" (assorted grill for two). Alternatively, you can order our quality 100% All-Natural, Grass-Fed beef directly from our online storefront at In either case, we've provided discounts and coupons below as our way of saying thank you for trying our product. Once you've tried the Original, you'll know all the difference that being All-Natural makes. Enjoy!



A chain of family restaurants, backed by the promise of quality.

Don Davis Restaurants

Natural Premium Brands co-owns a chain of Uruguayan Steak Houses with renowned Chef and TV personality Don Davis. The restaurants are family oriented destinations of modest decor offering traditional parrillada dishes, ranging from Sirloin Strip Steaks (Bife de Chorizo) to their world famous Uruguayan blood sausages (Morcilla). The restaurant further boasts an exceptional selection of wines from South America and takes great pride in the quality of their food and service. Click below for our South Florida locations.


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The Original Goodness of Las Pampas, delivered right to your door.

The Original Meat Co. Online

Natural Premium Brands' own online marketplace selling direct to consumer select portion control cuts from Uruguay. As always, all the meat products are 100% All-Natural, Grass-Fed Beef. Click on the below link to visit TOMCO online and take the taste test challenge yourself, you'll be glad you did.


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Here's further incentive to become a believer, the first taste's on us.

Natural Premium Brands wants to make sure you get it. We can't just talk up the difference, you need to try it for yourself. Kindly accept our invitation below in the form of in-store (restaurant) coupons and discount promo codes for 10% off either the and the Don Davis family of restaurants. Enjoy!

The Original Meat Co. Online
The Original Meat Co. Online
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