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Natural Premium Brands' – Organic Pet Solutions, Inc,
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NPB's Organic Pet Solutions, Inc. (OPS) supplies private label wet and dry pet food products and natural pet treats for some of the most recognizable and highly sought after premium brands on the world market. OPS has secured these customers by not only developing comprehensive private label programs but also by assuring that the quality of our products exceeds that of the leading national branded manufacturers’ offerings. Organic Pet Solutions primarily serves as contract manufacturer for many of the premium quality branded pet food companies throughout North and South America, co-developing unique recipes and product offerings that are exclusive to the respective brands. OPS further offers these companies a compeling alternative to the capital investment otherwise required in bringing pet food products to market, our team of professionals have optimized a uniquely streamlined process, culminating from years of experience in market research, product development and brand positioning.


If you're looking to introduce your private label brands to market
and are in search of the ideal partner for your venture, look no further.


NPB's Organic Pet Solutions has the team, the facilities and the experience required to assist you in the development and launch of your private label program. Below is a summary of our respective services.


National Brand Equivalents

Organic Pet Solutions' unique capabilities allow us to duplicate if not altogether exceed the quality, performance and image of leading national brands. In fact, many of those nationally recognized brands, are produced, packaged and distributed by OPS.


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Research and Development

NPB's Organic Pet Solutions employs the latest technologies and exerts every effort to ensure all products are formulated and validated for nutritional adequacy. All of OPS's products are formulated to meet or exceed the guidelines established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


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Fresh Meat Inclusion

Fresh beef and chicken are a key ingredient in many premium and super-premium pet food formulas. Organic Pet Solutions’ fresh meat inclusion process allows for the introduction of fresh meats to our dry pet foods and pet treats in accordance to our high standards of quality and our food safety program. All raw meat materials are based on all-natural and grass-fed animals slaughtered at approved slaughterhouses. In close cooperation with our customers we have developed fresh meat by-products as single proteins or mixes for direct inclusion as a value-added ingredient in our recipes. Using fresh meat, chicken, liver and fish in dry pet food provides several benefits, among them, higher digestibility, more palatability, higher levels of protein as well as superior quality and taste.


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Blending Capability

Domestic and International markets are trending toward multi-character, multi-colored pet foods. Organic Pet Solutions’ blending capabilities allow us to blend different sizes, shapes and colors all stemming from our continued commitment to not only meet your customers demands, but rather, exceed them. Let OPS work on a custom blend for your next product launch.


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Packaging Options

NPB's Organic Pet Solutions offers a bevy of packaging options ranging from 'tin cans' of different sizes to bags of varying materials and weights. Our in-house packaging experts and market research analysts allow us to extend highly specialized services custom tailored to the market needs of our clients. This coupled with state of the art packaging equipment and longstanding industry relationships allows us to pack your products in almost any manner necessitated. Our canned wet pet food products vary in size from 3 oz (85 g), 6 oz (170 g), and 12 oz (340 g), with or without easy-open pull tab lids. Our bag and pouch packaging options include support for both traditional paper bags and poly woven bags. Our paper based packaging is available with or without fitments, valves or dispensers and can also be equipped with reclosing features such as zippers, fitments, handles, and tear notches as desired. OPS can print and convert multi-ply laminations into pre-made pouches or gusseted bags that ensure the quality of your pet food and extends its shelf life. OPS can accommodate sizes ranging from 8 ozs to 50 lbs.


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All-Natural Ingredients

Organic Pet Solutions can provide All-Natural ingredients should your product line and target market require it. Most of our pet food formulas are made with 100% All-Natural, Grass-Fed meat products, and are made with NO Artificial Colors, NO Artificial Flavors, NO Preservatives and absolutely NO Hormones. OPS also offers premium Organic pet food products as well, meeting all the requires of USDA's National Organic Certification program.


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Recipes & Formulas

NPB's Organic Pet Solutions has a team of Pet Food Formula Specialists ready to work alongside you and your product development team in a concerted effort to arrive at unique recipes designed specifically to meet your market needs and AAFCO requirements. OPS also works with proprietary formulas exclusive to the brands we service. Regardless of whether you provide recipes of your own, or need assistance in developing specific and unique recipes for your products, OPS can provide nutritious gourmet, premium or organic pet food products made from innovative recipes as well as traditional formulas.


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Market Research

Organic Pet Solutions provides the best, most up to date market information available to assist you in making educated decisions regarding the products and package sizes that will allow you to optimize your product offering and its profitability. Our Market Research is thorough and in-depth, we analyze current trends in the industry, evaluate the current market place, study and compare the top sellers in the relevant sector, and set out to develop a product line that is intended to outperform and take market share from your main competitors. In short, OPS's Market Research is backed by Market Action. Learn more, contact us today.


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Product Development

Organic Pet Solutions relys on its team of creatives to address all issues related to Brand Development and Packaging. Our customers can rest assured that OPS will make every effort to ensure the success of your private label product. Customers can either provide us with finished artwork and other directives or simply let our team of creatives provide you with various packaging design options that convey your corporate image while striving to stand alone on the grocer's shelf. Learn more about OPS's Packaging Design, Brand Development and Product Placement Services, click here.


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Product Placement

NPB's Organic Pet Solutions can provide the value added service of product placement into markets not otherwise accessible to our loyal customers. Whether you're looking to break into new markets in South America and Europe, or looking to develop product lines to tap into existing sales channels in emerging markets, OPS may be the right fit for your organization. We've helped South American & European products find space on shelves in the U.S. and likewise have helped established U.S. conglomerates break into South American and European markets with products tailored to the tastes of their target demographics. Doing business with Organic Pet Solutions makes taking your brand global that much easier. Contact us today for more details.


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Logistics & Distribution

Organic Pet Solutions' team of transportation and logistics specialists are fanatical about the traceability of our shipments. From the source straight to your door, our products are tracked every step of the way to ensure the product meets our exacting standards of timely delivery, exceptional quality, and most importantly, customer and consumer safety. Trust Organic Pet Solutions to arrange and deliver your products on your schedule, regardless of the hurdles, our team makes it happen. Learn more about OPS's Logistics & Distribution services, click here.


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Customer Service

Customer Service, the last item on our list, is perhaps the most important, the one we're most fanatical about. Our customers and their needs are OPS's top priority second only to Quality and Safety. To that end, Natural Premium Brands customers are assigned to a specific Customer Service Specialist allowing one to develop a professional relationship with the objective of ensuring consistent, high-quality, personalized service.

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