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Natural Premium Brands is an importer/exporter of quality fresh and frozen beef, seafood, lamb, mutton and poultry products. NPB's product offerings include specific cuts, (whole muscle and portion control), grinding material and offal from the United States and South America. The majority of our premium beef and seafood products are proudly sourced from the famed Pampas regions in Uruguay, a fertile region of year round temperate climate that gives rise to the exceptional quality of our 100% All-Natural, Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Animal Protein products. Our seafood products are imported from the famed Patagonia Region, and are either wild-caught or farm-raised via sustainable farming practices.


Brazil, Uruguay & the World.


Natural Premium Brands' Import & Export Services are second to none. NPB is a recognized industry leader in premium quality perishable protein distribution, with national and international distribution capabilities further facilitated by our strategically located distribution centers in key port cities nationwide.


Natural Premium Brands conducts its import business as principal on behalf of its customers. NPB does not act as a broker, instead, NPB takes possession of the product overseas, assuming alll duties and related shipping costs, for delivery to all major ports throughout the United States and Europe. Our team of logistics experts routinely contact our countless suppliers to ensure that the best quality products at the best available prices are secured for our customers. Natural Premium Brands schedules several weekly shipments to the United States. NPB's premium meat products can be purchased for immediate or future inventory needs, with available storage in any of our warehousing facilities nationwide. NPB further maintains a competitive edge over other importers by reserving the flexibility to switch products and delivery times to meet our customers inventory needs.


Although we're not ranked high in regards to the volume of our imports when compared to other beef importing companies, we are very much highly regarded for the quality of our imports. At NPB, we're proud of the Grass-Fed beef we produce in Uruguay and even more so of the fact that our meat products are recognized the world over as exceeding the quality, taste, texture and overall health benefits of most other beef and meat products comparable to our class of premium product.


Whether you're looking to export to new markets.
or interested in premium import products, NPB is your source.

Natural Premium Brands prides itself in all it does. We're a company passionately devoted to quality and customer satisfaction. Our Meat and Seafood products are grown in the most natural of settings, or caught in the wild. Our farm raised fish are likewise held to similar standards. We source all our products from responsible growers that adhere to sustainable practices, assuring that everything we bring to the table is in fact Natural, as intended by nature. Whether Organic or Grass-Fed, Wild Caught or Farm Raised, our Meat and Seafood products are the best we can source. We wouldn't feed our families anything less, we love what we do, and love what we eat. You'll immediately note the difference, and know to love it yourself.

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