A broader market base awaits,
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Natural Premium Brands,
offering better brand positioning through web based sales and marketing.

At Natural Premium Brands, we help our distributors, suppliers and retailers succeed in reaching new customers by expanding into and profiting from the explosive growth of the online marketplace. Our customers can leverage NPB's Premiere e-Commerce Solutions to better position their respective brands online and tap into their share of ever-increasing online sales. When partnering with Natural Premium Brands and signing up for our comprehensive Brand Management and Premiere e-Commerce Solutions platform, you can expect to deliver more of your specialty, natural and organic food service products to a broader market base.


Natural Premium Brands currently offers e-commerce and order fulfillment solutions to its distributors, suppliers and retailers as well as comprehensive e-commerce and website development consultation services aimed at facilitating the move of your business enterprise to an online marketplace. NPB's e-Commerce Solutions allow a business to extend its reach beyond its traditional service areas and break into previously untapped markets. The online store front not only serves as a vehicle to new markets, but also increases exposure to your brand and reinforces brand loyalty.


NPB offers two options via its Premier e-Commerce Solutions platform, a pilot program that is available exclusively to customers meeting certain criteria. The first positions NPB as the developer / vendor of the e-commerce platform, providing the customer a collection of online CMS tools for the site, its storefront, and all related content and products. In this scenario, the partner distributor manages the inventory of products available for sale online and handles order fulfillment directly. Alternatively, Natural Premium Brands can create, manage and market the products associated with your online storefront, and furthermore, can maintain and replenish inventories of your private label products on site for simple order fulfillment of online generated sales.


The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we do business, it's proven to be a powerful tool for businesses that want to increase sales while simultaneously decreasing costs and improving profit margins. This is especially true when your customers are afforded the convenience of increasing productivity by placing and tracking orders online. Get started today, contact us for an assessment of your business and its readiness to conduct online sales.


Advanced Logistics Solutions & Order Fulfillment Systems (OFS)


Natural Premium Brands' team of Logistics & OFS experts are well equipped to provide systems for direct-to-consumer web based sales and operations. As a solutions integrator NPB offers access to a wide range of products and best of breed brands, when evaluating between different OFS alternatives NPB should be the first step in the process. Natural Premium Brands provides specialized consultations for the implementation of in-house Logistics and Order Fulfillment Solutions. Our deep rooted relationships with some of the industries leading fabricators of Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management Systems allow us to custom tailor solutions specific to our customers needs. NPB can facilitate the design and fabrication of Storage modules, Order Picking Systems, Order Consolidation Systems, and Sortation Solutions; we have what you need to get your orders out the door efficiently, accurately and in record time, keeping your customers satisfied and coming back for more. Contact us to learn more about these and other Order Fulfillment related services.