Multi-tiered Logistics and
World Class Order Fulfillment.


Natural Premium Brands,
servicing every facet of the Supply Chain.

Natural Premium Brands is a global market player with in-house logistical capabilities geared to servicing every aspect of the supply chain. From the source, direct to the consumer, Natural Premium Brand's multi-tiered logistics solutions and its extensive world wide distribution network spans four continents, with key offices in Uruguay and Miami, and satelite offices throughout the U.S. and South America.

Natural Premium Brands Private Label Services
  • World Wide Distribution Networks
  • Commercial and Logistic Partnerships
  • World Class Order Fulfillment Facilities
  • Comprehensive Import Export Services
  • Cold Storage Facilities throughout the Americas
  • Retail, Food Service, & Wholesale Markets



Natural Premium Brands,
offering world wide Duty Delivery Paid fulfillment services.

Natural Premium Brands is a global market player, taking full advantage of its world wide distribution network and logistical capabilities to bring top-quality, premium products to your door via the most expedient and cost efficient means available. Our distribution network spans four continents across the globe, and our reach stretches from Kings Island, Australia to Miami, Florida, encompassing most all of Europe with handling facilities in Madrid, Rome and Luxembourg, all conveniently located within minutes from their world class air and sea ports. Our headquarters are based out of Miami in North America, with supporting sales and procurement offices in New York and Uruguay. Natural Premium Brands further distinguishes itself by offering complete Duty Delivery Paid services, assuming all of the costs related to transporting the goods and maintaining full responsibility for the goods until they have been received, processed and transferred to the buyer. This includes paying for shipping, duties and any and all related expenses incurred while shipping the goods. NPB has a top-notch team of logistics experts involved throughout the entire process, ensuring your products are handled with care and priority while meeting the most demanding of delivery schedules. We know our customers wouldn't accept anything less, when you need your premium meat products, we make sure you get them on time.

Natural Premium Brands Distribution - Office Locations Map

Strategically Located Offices in the U.S. and abroad,
servicing all major market sectors: retail, food service and wholesale.

Natural Premium Brands is a full service distribution company, with strategically located offices worldwide. With cutting edge logistical capabilities and a sophisticated team of logistics and fulfilment experts, NPB is poised to provide retail and wholesale customer solutions that are custom tailored to meet your specific business needs and unrivaled in value, quality and reliability. From order to delivery, NPB is at the forefront of service in distribution on account of its innovative procedures and protocols, all of which is designed to cater to our valued customers' growing business demands. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to and partnership with our customers. If you'd like to learn more about how we can be of service, please contact us - our key world wide offices are referenced below for your convenience.

North America


Natural Premium Brands, LLC
4691 SW 71st Avenue
Miami, FL 33155, USA
p. 305.669.3099 / f. 305.669.3068

South America

Montevideo, Uruguay

Alimentos Organicos Uruguayos S.A.
Ruta 75 km.39 91000
Pando, Canelones, Uruguay
p. (598) 2293.9519 / f. 305.669.3068

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Natural Premium Brands,
offering tailored solutions to its foodservice clients since 1998.

Natural Premium Brands is a specialized foodservice distributor, offering customers an extensive line of quality NPB and nationally branded, specialty, and exclusive products. Our product offerings are limited to the best quality meat, seafood, and poultry products that we can source from the most pristine places on the planet. We specialize in servicing Major Multinational Food Companies, Restaurant Chains, Hotel Chains and Hospitality Establishments, Cruise Ships, and various other recreational facilities and government institutions.

Natural Premium Brands offers Nationwide Foodservice Distribution Programs with state of the art warehousing and cold storage facilities strategically located in six major U.S. port cities, from as far west as Seattle, Washington, to sunny Miami, Florida. NPB's foodservice program assures rapid delivery to its customers with minimal lead times, allowing them to make better use of capital resources by better managing inventories that can be replenished in as little as 24 hrs to locales within 500 miles from any of our storage and handling facilities nationwide.

NBP has six regional distribution centers across the country. Our expansive reach ensures customers receive the products they want, when they need them, no matter where they are located.

Natural Premium Brands' team of foodservice distribution experts work closely with NPB's expanding foodservice customer base on nearly every aspect of their business. Our customized foodservice distribution solutions are especially tailored to meet the needs of restaurants and caterers regardless of their size. NPB offers a number of quality brands and products for nearly every menu need and customer taste – from fine dinning and family restaurants, to hotel chains and specialty caterers, including foodservice programs for healthcare and educational institutions.

The restaurant foodservice industry has to date been our sector of specialization, and we at NPB are dedicated to providing customers with the products, services, and know-how to help their foodservice operation be more competitive, profitable, and successful. At Natural Premium Brands, our primary focus is on quality not quantity.

To learn more about our specialty Foodservice Programs and how we can custom tailor a solution for you and your business, simply give us a call, you'll be glad you did - 1-888-669-3099 (+1 305-669-3099).


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Natural Premium Brands,
servicing every facet of the Supply Chain.

Our experienced Import / Export Department is dedicated to providing you with the full level of service you've come to expect from your preferred supplier. Regardless of your company's size and its needs, Natural Premium Brands is committed to its success and you as a valued customer. We take great pride in being able to service our customers import and export needs. To that end, we manage a revolving inventory of quality products that allows us to consolidate containers with the range of products our customers demand. Being approximately 15 minutes from the Port of Miami and 20 minutes to Miami's International Airport gives NPB a distinct advantage over other Importer / Distributors. At NPB, we're not only within close proximity, but also have extensive experience with U.S. port and customs documentation, and are equally proficient in Brazil and Uruguay. Our team of logistics specialists perform routine yet standard quality control oversight procedures and rigourous product tracking during of every key step of the Import / Export process. In fact, the traceability of our products extends from the farm itself direct to the plate. This fanatical approach stems from NPB's commitment to exceptional product quality and food safety.


Natural Premium Brands carries all sub-primals and portioned cuts standard to the industry. Our long-standing and deep rooted relationships with major producers and packers in Uruguay have allowed us to focus our energies on developing our sales and distribution channels while streamlining imports and optimizing logistics. All our beef imports contain NO hormones and NO antibiotics. All our products are USDA inspected. Our current Import / Export markets include Central & South America, the Caribbean, and Europe - All our premium meat products are sourced in Uruguay.


To learn more about our Import / Export Services and how we can custom tailor a logistics solution for you and your business, simply give us a call, you'll be glad you did - 1-888-669-3099 (+1 305-669-3099).


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