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Natural Premium Brands manages its own portfolio of top-shelf quality brands ranging from 100% all-natural, grass-fed beef products to premium pet foods and premium sea food products. NPB's brands are known as The Originals line, and include The Original Meat Co., The Original Fish Co., and The Original PetFood Co. - NPB also has a a division focused on luxury designer hide products.


Discover some of our more popular brands below.

The Original Pet Food Co.
The Original Meat Company
The Original Pet Food Company
The Original Fish Company
The Original Meat Co.

The Original Meat Co. is a quality meat imports company which has long held the view that quality practices, result in quality products. It's just that in our case, the product is something much closer to our hearts and our stomachs. At TOMCO, our mission has been to make both our Cattle and the Meat they produce the best they can possibly be, we aim for the most humane approach possible in the handling of our herds, and are committed to the "100% all-natural, grass-fed" way of life. If it's original, it's as nature intended, with NO growth hormones and NO antibiotics. Know the difference, click below for more info.

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The Original Fish Co.

The Original Fish Co. is NPB's Seafood Sales Division flagship brand, in fact, we are currently in the process of fully developing the product line for direct to consumer sales. The Original Fish Co. currently offers products wholesale to seafood distributors, restaurants and various other retail establishments. The products currently on offer range from Sea Bass to King Crab Meat. An online marketplace promoting the brand and its products is also in the pipeline and scheduled to be launched late in July of this year.

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The Original Petfood Co.

The Original PetFood Co. is a premium pet food product made with the highest quality grass-fed beef and the finest ingredients available for its cat and dog food formulas. NPB's grass-fed and pasture raised cattle are held to the highest standards, all our pet food products are made with NO antibiotics, NO hormones and No synthetic colors or flavors. The pet food formulas are cooked only once to maintain omega 3's and antioxidants, promoting beautiful coats and healthy skin. The Original PetFood Co. currently offers six varieties of pet food for both dogs and cats, available in USDA Certified Organic and All-Natural Hand-Cut recipes. Click below to learn more about all of our recipes and our organic selections. The Original PetFood Co. products are currently available in select markets.

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Natural Premium Brands prides itself in all it does. We're a company passionately devoted to quality and customer satisfaction. Our Meat and Seafood products are grown in the most natural of settings, or caught in the wild. Our farm raised fish are likewise held to similar standards. We source all our products from responsible growers that adhere to sustainable practices, assuring that everything we bring to the table is in fact Natural, as intended by nature. Whether Organic or Grass-Fed, Wild Caught or Farm Raised, our Meat and Seafood products are the best we can source. We wouldn't feed our families anything less, we love what we do, and love what we eat. You'll immediately note the difference, and know to love it yourself.

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