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Natural Premium Brands is fast becoming a recognized leader in brand development related services, an certain ally in your company's quest to penetrate established and newly emerging markets. Our team of brand consultants has successfully placed dozens of products in their respective target markets world wide, from independent grocers in Esposito, Uruguay to wholesale food distributors and powerhouse grocers here in the U.S. NPB has established relationships with major food retailers/distributors in the U.S., allowing us the luxury of expediting your breakthrough product's time to market. Trust NPB's team of market research, graphic design and brand identity professionals to make all the difference in your next product launch.

Market Research


Natural Premium Brands, provides access to industry trends and foodservice market research reports from the leading market research firms in the industry. These reports are interpreted by NPB strategists and offered as an extended service to its valued customers. These market reports are a fast, cost-effective, and highly efficient way to gain insights that can help make informed decisions and identify business development strategies that deliver consequently better business results. Thinking of taking a product to market, this preliminary step provides invaluable information, affecting everything from your branding and identity to your marketing campaign and target markets. The reports cover a wide range of restaurant market research and foodservice trends, information that assist foodservice operators and manufacturers in meeting the needs of the ever-changing foodservice consumer. The insights obtained are useful in strategic planning and positioning, product performance tracking, product/menu development support, and identifying the best potential customer.


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Product Design & Development


Natural Premium Brands' primary objective is committing to your product's commercial success. NPB has a long-standing history in product design and development, our related services run the full gamut, from identity, packaging and label design to the actual protein product recipes themselves. Our team of in-house experts focuses on NPB's core animal protein offerings (Beef, Lamb, Seafood and Poultry) providing custom tailored, market ready solutions ranging from simply cooked animal protein ingredients to consumer ready, shelf stable products. Natural Premium Brands marries graphic, identity and product label design, with brand management and product development services and further personalizes those services via an extensive Private Label program catering to the very specific needs of each NPB customer. Natural Premium Brands also offers its customers unfettered access to a worldwide network of product development experts and manufacturing facilities, assuring our customers that their products come to market in record time with the same impeccable quality that has to come signify NPB's culture. Call or e-mail our development staff to further discuss your design and product development needs.


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Food Processing & Packaging


All of Natural Premium Brands' whole muscle cuts are minimally processed, they're simply butchered and packaged at NPB's meat processing facilities under microbiologically sanitary conditions as per USDA regulations. NPB does however further processed recipes for our consumer ready, shelf stable product lines, including our numerous recipes for premium pet food products. The methods used to produce these further-processed products are designed to improve efficiency and product yield for processors and to improve the eating quality, value, and convenience of products for consumers. The FSIS ensures humane handling and slaughter of animals, inspects all animal carcasses, and sets and verifies food safety standards in NPB's meat and poultry processing facilities.


Natural Premium Brands also offers a bevy of packaging options ranging from metal 'tin cans' of different sizes to bags of varying materials and weights. Our in-house package design experts allow us to extend highly specialized services custom tailored to the market needs of our clients. This in-house ability coupled with state of the art packaging equipment and long-standing industry relationships with an expansive network of product development experts and manufacturing facilities allows us to pack your products in just about any imaginable configuration. We offer packaging with or without fitments, valves or dispensers and can also incorporate reclosing features such as zippers, fitments, handles, and tear notches as desired. We can print and convert multi-ply laminations into pre-made pouches or gusseted bags, ensuring the quality of your product and extending its shelf life. Natural Premium Brands can also handle the entire USDA label approval process, starting with the label's design, through to its submittal and final review. NPB facilitates complying with the requirements set forth by USDA and leverages its know-how to secure valuable claims and key words in defining and marketing the products we develop. Contact us today to learn more.


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Online Marketing & E-commerce Services


Natural Premium Brands' team of internet savvy marketers, designers, and web developers are ready to assist in establishing a presence for your brand and its products online. The awareness of your brand's online extension is further enhanced via social media directives, SEO related measures, and other online marketing initiatives. Our scope of professional web services range from custom tailored web design to highly specialized e-commerce applications. NPB's internet team makes every effort to stay on top of the latest web trends, their daily tool kit includes all the skills necessary to make sure your online marketing objectives are met with success. Our web team employs the highest available encryption protocols for secure e-commerce transactions, Google's suite of Webmaster Tools, including Google Adwords, for site indexing, optimization and SEO positioning, as well as Google Analytics for Reporting. Contact us to learn more about the Online Marketing & E-commerce services offered exclusively to our valued customers.


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Retail, Food Service, and Wholesale Markets


Natural Premium Brands caters to all three major market sectors: Retail, Food Service and Wholesale Markets. Our customers vary in size and scope of service, we cater to restaurants and food service operators, including event coordinators, caterers, hospitality management teams, hotel chains, cruise ships, and national food distributors. Natural Premium Brands is a specialized foodservice distributor, offering customers an extensive line of quality NPB and nationally branded, specialty, and exclusive products. Natural Premium Brands can help get your products into these market sectors, we can help design, develop and market your products. Contact us today to learn more about NPB's market reach and the opportunities that we extend to our customers.


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Established Global Distribution & Sales Channels


Natural Premium Brands is a global market player, taking full advantage of its world wide distribution network and logistical capabilities to bring top-quality, premium products to your door via the most expedient and cost efficient means available. Our distribution network spans four continents across the globe, and our reach stretches from Kings Island, Australia to Miami, Florida, encompassing most all of Europe with handling facilities in Madrid, Rome and Luxembourg, all conveniently located within minutes from their world class air and sea ports. Our headquarters are based out of Miami in North America, with supporting sales and procurement offices in New York and Uruguay. Natural Premium Brands further distinguishes itself by offering complete Duty Delivery Paid services, assuming all of the costs related to transporting the goods and maintaining full responsibility for the goods until they have been received, processed and transferred to the buyer. This includes paying for shipping, duties and any and all related expenses incurred while shipping the goods. NPB has a top-notch team of logistics experts involved throughout the entire process, ensuring your products are handled with care and priority while meeting the most demanding of delivery schedules. We know our customers wouldn't accept anything less, when you need your premium meat products, we make sure you get them – on time.


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