An Overview of the Company,
and its Core Values.


Natural Premium Brands,
striving to exceed the expectations of our ever expanding client base.

At NPB we specialize in the logistical consolidation of premium Beef, Seafood, Lamb and Poultry products from our various plants in Brazil and Uruguay. We work closely with the governments of each country and their respective agencies to expedite the export process and obtain/provide all related necessary documentation.


The company offers a fully integrated approach regarding logistics, handling every aspect of the supply chain and the product's procurement, including ocean freight shipments, import customs, USDA inspections, product handling at all major ports, and coordinating final product deliveries to each of our customers' various processing facilities throughout the US. NPB is hands on throughout the entire process, and maintains full control of the product from its point of origin to the customer's door.


Natural Premium Brands is thoroughly engaged and in control of the entire process, from grazing to finishing, through production to procurement. Every carton of beef or seafood product shipped from Natural Premium Brands includes a copy of all quality certification and related documentation, including all of our shipment documents, warehouse and inventory documents, customs and USDA inspections releases. We further provide a product tracking number which enables NPB and the customer to trace the product back to the plant and obtain full production details. The tracking number is specific to each order and provides the customer with generalized information on the origin of the product, the finishing plant, the dates of production and further serves as an extension of our rigorous quality assurance efforts.


The company's 35+ year history in the premium beef industry allows us the unique opportunity to share our knowledge with our valued customers. Natural Premium Brands has proudly served major players in the food industry since its inception.


Natural Premium Brands offers expertise in product development, logistics, export and import, handling and processing of the dry, refrigerated and frozen product, and works in close connection with local government agencies including USDA, APHIS, and Customs.



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