From humble origins,
to a global marketplace.


Natural Premium Brands,
growth spurred on by meeting the needs of our expanding client base.

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Natural Premium Brands was founded in 1978 as a supplier of premium beef products for export to US markets.


Other services available consist of on line blending of multiple colored and shaped finished components, metal detection, check weighing and a range of other specialized services.


Through a series of plant expansion projects and key acquisitions, Natural Premium Brands has grown into a multi-location provider with over 150,000 square feet of state-of-the-art specialty manufacturing facilities to meet your needs.


Our latest addition to NPB is a new 65,000 square foot production facility in Montevideo, Uruguay. This additional capacity and service reflects our aggressive spirit for meeting your needs and also our continuing dedication to quality products and services. This new food grade production facility features state-of-the-art, computer controlled processing and packaging systems utilizing the most recent technology available, ensuring accurate information and consistent results.


Above all else, we are most proud of our employees who continually prove themselves to be skilled professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the development and manufacturing of extruded pet food products. Our clients rely on the quality, consistency and confidentiality of the products and services that we provide and our people consistently supply the solutions for each client and their individual needs.