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Our management team has more than 200 total years of experience in the protein industry, and the company at its core is comprised of experienced professionals who understand the NPB commitment to delivering unique and specialized protein solutions to a wide array and ever expanding list of clients. Our dedicated employees all stand behind Natural Premium Brands' promise: Providing our world wide customers with excellent service and value, custom tailored solutions, and our fanatical dedication to food quality and safety.


We'd love for you to get acquainted with the players that make it all happen.

Richard D. Spradling, Founder & CEO

Richard D. Spradling is founder and President of Natural Premium Brands. Mr. Spradling is responsible for the development of Business Strategy, Partnerships and long term Business Objectives devised to foster and promote revenue, profitability and robust growth for the whole of the organization and its customers. Mr. Spradling has total vested interest in NPB and all its unencumbered assets.


Maggie Valerio, General Manager

Maggie Valerio is General Manager at Natural Premium Brands. Mrs. Valerio is responsible for implementing business strategies and establishing the company's direction overall. She is also the company's key spokesperson, setting its tone, developing its culture, and assuring that the company is on track to meet its goals and ambitions. Mrs. Valerio ensures that all processes, protocols and practices meet the highest of standards and are implemented in the most efficient manner possible. Mrs. Valerio has over thirty years of food industry experience and is admired for the breadth of her knowledge and envied for her extensive industry contacts. She has been with NPB since 1981.


Peter D. Spradling, Business Development / Financial Advisor

Peter D. Spradling is NPB's Director of Business Development. He spearheads sales efforts, establishing new sales channels, and fostering ongoing business relationships. Peter is also responsible for identifying new markets, devising strategies to penetrate those markets, and implementing those strategies via a coordinated effort between NPB's Sales and Marketing Departments. Peter has over six years experience in business development. Mr. Spradling acts as liaison between the sales staff and upper management, providing quarterly sales reports and crucial market updates. In fact, NPBs production targets are based largely in part on his department's sales projections and estimates.


Mariangel Aranguren, Chief Financial Officer

Mariangel Aranguren is NPB's CFO. She and her staff are responsible for the organization's accounting practices and general ledger duties, including posting and reconciling journal entries, analyzing accounts and preparing routine financial statements. She and her staff are also responsible for customer credit lines and day to day credit management. Mrs. Mariangel Aranguren has thirty plus years of accounting experience, with twenty plus years in the food industry. Mrs. Aranguren has been with NPB since 1995.


Tamara Ravelo, Logistics

Tamara Ravelo is responsible for implementing NPB's logistics procedures and protocols. Her responsibilities include coordinating activities regarding the documentation and routing of freight, the verification and reshipment of incoming freight, tracking procedures and protocols, tracking product to assure quality and timely deliveries throughout the entire shipping process, as well as all duties related to US customs and inspections. Mrs. Ravelo brings over twelve years experience to Natural Premium Brands.


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