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Natural Premium Brands, LLC (NPB), headquartered in Miami, Florida, was founded in 1972. It is owned and operated by Richard D. Spradling, a well respected industry veteran with over 40+ years in the industry. NPB operates as a wholesale meat provisions distributor primarily servicing North American markets and select European markets. Natural Premium Brands, LLC boasts a world wide distribution and sales network, providing premium quality products with exceptional turn around and delivery times. Our dedicated sales team is fanatical about service and customer satisfaction, knowing full well that our customers are of the utmost priority to the welfare of our business. At Natural Premium Brands, our customers are truly our priority. NPB specializes in servicing food distributors, large and independent grocers, and restaurateurs with quality Beef, Seafood, Lamb, and Poultry products.


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We LOVE what we grow, you'll LOVE what you eat.
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All Natural - Natural Premium Brands
Our Services
Our services range from supplying customers with the Best Quality, All-Natural products from Uruguay, to providing expert Logistics and Import/Export services. We also provide a wide range of services specific to our Private Label customers, including brand consulting, product & package design, package design, recipe formulation, e-commerce and so much more.
Our Products
Our products are specific to our food protein offerings. We specialize in both Organic and All-Natural food products, our Beef, Lamb, and Poultry is pasture raised in Uruguay, our Seafood is either wild caught in the Patagonia region or farm raised in Uruguay. We urge you to learn more about our products and how we can best serve you.
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